Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Q

For the past three years I have been working with a diverse group of students to develop their mathematical skills. I work with students age 15 to age 20, from many walks of life. I am responsible for teaching all math content at my school, from pre-algebra through algebra 2. This is a true challenge because I may go from teaching fractions, decimals and percents to teaching composite functions or translations. This variation is difficult to plan for, but can be done. I love my job and what I do most days, the students I teach have had very little success before coming to my school. It is amazing to see the transformations that occur throughout the year with our students.


  1. i think it would be incredibly challenging, yet even more rewarding, to work with the group of students that you do. i hope they really appreciate you!


  2. To be the only teacher in a building must be difficult. Not only by the variety of classes you must teach, but also that you have no support. Noone to throw ideas of from, and noone to share great math jokes with.

    On the other side I think it gives you freedom to go at your pace. I struggle when a teacher is ahead or behind when teaching the same topic. Students notice this as well and makes matter worse.

    I would love to see my students year in and year out to see them develope, I agree that would be amazing to see them transform.