Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer is here!

Monday marked the beginning of summer break for my students and myself. However, here I am one day later, at school working to further my education so that I can improve the learning environment of my classroom. I am not getting paid for this time, in fact, I must pay to have this experience. Why is it that everyone who has a problem with public education always states the fact that we get a "paid" summer break as a reason our jobs are so easy. If teaching were so easy why wouldn't more people do it? Oh, I think I know the answer to that. Is it the fact that teachers are required to be certified in a number of content areas. Is it the fact that at minimum you are required to have a bachelors degree and must continue your education throughout the course of your career. Maybe it's because we have to educate other peoples children no matter where they come from or what they know. Public education is an amazing tool that our society has. The biggest asset in public education is the teachers. The ones who log hour after hour, who sacrifice time with their families to improve the lives of others. Today instead of chastising a teacher for having the summer off thank him or her for all they have done to make the children of this nation successful!

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  1. Nicely stated Ted. It is a lot easier to blame than to give credit. In our community of educators we know what we are doing to better the lives of all that walk through our doors, that is why we do the job no matter what others say. WE are a strong and united group, and with that I will thank you for what you do day in and day out to make the lives of students better.